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Engagement Sessions (and why you should do one!)

You said "YES!", and now you get to start the fun (and sometimes not so fun) planning for your perfect day. You have thought about your wedding since you were a little girl, and even more so when you realized that this person was "the one". While saying YES to the dress, florist, and bridesmaid gowns are all important staples in wedding day planning, there is often one thing that sometimes gets overlooked; The Engagement Session.

Many couples forgo having this session done because taking time away from planning and meeting caterers for taste testings doesn't seem as important. I mean, they're just pictures, right? WRONG! Here are the reasons why you should also scream YES to an engagement session.

1. IT'S A PRE-WEDDING SHOOT: Think of it this way. Most people are camera shy. An engagement session allows you to really get to know your photographer, and your photographer gets to know you too! During the engagement session, a photographer gets to work with you and your fiancee to see what kind of poses you fall in to effortlessly, and what poses need a little more coaching. It helps wedding day posing go much more smoothly!

2. Personality Meshing: I cannot stress this enough. You should ENJOY the engagement session. You and your photographers personality should mesh well. You should be on the same page as far as vision goes, and you should actually have FUN during the engagement session.

3. It gives the photographer a taste of your style. Are you a more traditional couple? Are you really outgoing and adventurous? Do you like the sentimental, romantic, tightly framed shots, or do you like the fun, laughing, photojournalism approach? Again, this helps in how any photographer approaches your wedding day. Pinterest boards also give us an idea, but lets face it - Pinterest images cannot be replicated with 100% Accuracy. I simply call them inspiration boards.

4. Make it FUN - Did you meet at a fair? What was your first date? INCORPORATE the YOU in to your session! Your relationship is unique, and no two relationships are the same. Your engagement session should be too! HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Like themes? You can even incorporate things you love (like Scary Movies, TV shows, and so much more!)

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